Friday 8 April 2011

How To Make Your Own Home Made Healthy Cat Food

Now a days almost everyone has pets but most of the people don't know which cat food should be given to their cats. They just buy whatever is available in market and normally ask the shop keeper about the product. Most people in Pakistan give cat foods likes Me-o and Whiskas. Me-o cat food is highly toxic and reduces a cats life by 7 to 8 years. Where as Whiskas is also not that good for cats.

In the beginning I also gave the same cat foods but my vet told me to change the cat food and told me about home made cat food. I'm sharing this recipe so that more and more people stop giving these toxic cat foods and switch to Home made cat food which is really easy to make and its also very healthy for your cats


1. Boil a chicken 1KG (boneless) thoroughly
2. Once its been boiled cut it into small pieces and make sure that's the chicken is enough to go into 2 cups
3. 1/2 Cup boiled rice
4. 1/4 cup boiled potato's
5. 1/4 cup peas
6 Chicken Broth (chicken ki Yakhni)

Now put all of these things in a food processor or a blender n add chicken broth (chicken ki Yakhni) slowly so that it mixes all the stuff.

Once its made be sure to refrigerate the Home Made Chicken Cat Food

Remember in beginning your cat will not eat this because he/she is addicted to market cat food. The best thing to do is to mix that cat food with this or crush the biscuits and sprinkle them on the Home Made Cat Food and slowly stop giving the market cat food


  1. It have to be cold when i give it to my cat ?

  2. Yeah thats great....
    I'll try
    thank you

  3. and a question arises...!!
    This quantity which you told or give to us is for how many exactly takes?
    i have 1.3 Yrs old cat . how much should he eat on one take?

    Reply me asap because i think my cat is below average weight

    or you can mail me on


  4. Hi. Your blog is very informative.
    A question though: I heard that giving veggies to cats is not recommended. So is it okay to give my siamese kitten potatoes and peas as instructed in this recipe?
    P.s: I would love if you can share more recipes so I could vary my kitten's diet. I don't want to give her off-the-shelf food.

  5. Thanks for the recipie you really make my day.

  6. How much of this should be given to an adult cat? Also, how many times a day is this to be given?

  7. Thanks. Send me some more home made receives for Persian kitten

  8. Thanks. Send me some more home made receives for Persian kitten